This confidentiality agreement (the '' Agreement ") is entered by the user of the services provided through this platform (the" Subject Bound ") with Castello SGR S.p.A. with registered office in Milan, Via Giacomo Puccini n. 3, registered at no. Under Article 47 of the Register. 35 of Legislative Decree no. 24 February 1998. 58, section managers of alternative investment funds (hereafter referred to as "Castle" and, together with "Subject Bound", the "Parties" and each a "Party").


  1. Castle is an asset management company operating in real estate.
  2. Castle will provide the Person Obliged access to this platform, containing some confidential information about the castle and estate alternative investment funds (AIF) managed by it (hereinafter the "Confidential Information").
  3. With the Agreement Subject Forced intends to work towards the Castle to observe the confidentiality obligations set out below.

Now, therefore, by virtue of reciprocal agreements contained herein and to the terms and conditions of the Agreement, the Parties agree as follows:
  1. the provision of Confidential Information is subject to the signing of the Agreement for acceptance. Subject Forced irrevocably assume the obligations under the Agreement, on their own, against the castle.
  2. For the purposes of the Agreement will be considered Confidential Information all information of any kind which are not or do not become public or publicly available (except for the case in which this is done in breach of the Agreement by the fact attributable to the Person Obliged and proven by final judgment), referring to the Castle or to the funds managed by it, which have been or will be provided in this platform, until the date of liquidation of the fund.
  3. The Person Obliged assumes the obligation to take the necessary steps to maintain the confidentiality and privacy, as well as the strictest confidentiality on Confidential Information. Subject Bound will also be required not to divulge, disclose or transmit, to the exceptions provided for by the Agreement, any Confidential Information and to refuse to issue, without the prior written consent of Castello, any statement or announcement about the content of the Confidential Information. It remains, in particular, ruled out the use and disclosure by the Person Obliged of the Confidential Information without prior written permission of Castle.
  4. It is understood that the Person Obliged will not have access to this platform using, directly or indirectly, to third parties who have not previously taken directly with Castle confidentiality obligation pursuant to the Agreement substantially.
  5. In the event that, in the use of this platform, to legal restrictions or regulations or upon legitimate request of the competent authority (such as, but not limited to Consob and / or the Bank ' Italy), is necessary for the Person Obliged to deliver, disclose to third parties or disclose such Confidential Information, the Subject Bound will do everything possible to promptly inform Castle in order to reach an agreement regarding the timing and content with which to carry out any spread , transmission, communication, announcement and / or disclosure of such Confidential Information, or to allow any opposition, except in the case where this is prohibited by legal restrictions or mandatory regulation.
  6. It is understood that nothing in the Agreement will limit the power of the Person Obliged to use any Confidential Information: (i) the specific purpose of exercising its right of defense in a proceeding in which it is involved, or in which the same is it was called into question by a third party in connection with the use of this platform, provided it has been provided in Castello, as far as reasonably possible, adequate notice in writing of such use and in any case doing the Subject Bound reasonable efforts to ensure that in spite of such use, the Confidential Information in question have a spread as limited as possible and in any case closely related to the aforementioned purposes of defense; and (ii) for all uses permitted on the basis of laws and regulations in court and / or administrative proceedings in which the Person Obliged both may be involved.
  7. The Subject Forced recognize that violation of any of the confidentiality obligations under the Agreement ould cause serious injury to the Castle and to the funds managed by it.
  8. Castle reserves the right to suspend or prohibit at any time access to the Confidential Information, in the event of a serious failure by the Person Obliged to obligations undertaken by signing the Agreement, and not being remedied within two (2) working days from its date of written notification by Castle.
  9. the Parties shall, within their respective relevance and the extent as those provisions are applicable to them, undertake mutually to respect the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments.
  10. any failure or delay in exercising any right or power arising out not imply in any case the cancellation or renunciation, albeit tacit, of such right or provision. Any partial exercise of such right or provision shall not preclude the subsequent exercise of them.
  11. The Agreement is governed by Italian law. In case of dispute, the Italian judicial authorities will have exclusive jurisdiction and the court of Milan will have exclusive jurisdiction.
  12. The obligations assumed by the Agreement shall take effect from the signing date hereof and shall cease 12 months elapsed from that date, without prejudice to any legal obligation, but no later than the date of liquidation of the Fund.

the agreement is the result of a negotiation between the parties with respect to each and every clause and, in connection therewith, the parties mutually agree that the provisions of Articles. 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code do not apply.
Pursuant to Legislative Decree. 30 June 2003, n. 196, code regarding the protection of personal data.

Notice is hereby given that the processing of personal data supplied by the Person Obliged will be in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. June 30, 2003, n. 196. The data, which will be processed by Castello SGR S.p.A., based in Milan, Via Giacomo Puccini n. 3, are required for access to this platform. The data will be processed exclusively for the above purposes, also by means, and shall not be communicated or disclosed outside. Subject Forced may exercise the rights under Art. 7 of Leg. June 30, 2003, n. 196, which provides, among others, the right of access to their personal data, the right to correct, update or delete incorrect or incomplete data, and the right to oppose the processing for legitimate reasons regarding the holder of treatment (Castello SGR SpA) or against the responsible of such treatment (Dott. Alessandro Maestranzi). It is the responsibility of the Person Obliged promptly notify the modification or integration of personal data where necessary.